Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Goals

I am official knee deep in summer activities. By summer activities I mean the laziness and joy that comes with a break from the grind of the school year. I think a lot of people just assume teachers just sit around and do nothing over summer break. Whereas there is some of that (after all it is our vacation) my friends and I are constantly working or doing something. Along with planning for my new teaching position and Ph.D program for next year I have set some goals for myself this summer.

First, a simple goal is to blog weekly. I'm hoping that if I can get into a habit of blogging this summer that it will become more of a habit during the school year. I'm not a terribly good writer but I do like blogging when I am able to do it.

Secondly, I would like to read 5 books this summer. I have to read a few books for my Ph.D program (check) and I have various books in my possession that I've got over the past few years so I don't believe I'll have to buy many of the books I'll read. The books range from classics by CS Lewis, to Rob Bell, to books on how to make a good business better. I'd like to become an avid reader but due to apathy and excuses I never have. Most of the time it completely depends on the book and my interest level on the given topic. The books I have etched out to read will be knocked out hopefully by mid-July.

Thirdly, I would like to have more independent time with God. I don't want this to be a boxed in, concrete time; however, I would like this time to take a variety of shapes and sizes. This may be more time in prayer, more time in Bible, or more time studying particular christian topics. Like blogging, this is something I really want to get in the flow of now so I wont have to worry about budgeting it in during the school year.

Fourth, I would like to eat substantially better. Too often by apathy or excuse I eat terrible. The workouts I put my body through are of high intensity and high caliber but the results are limited due to a poor diet. So, this summer I want to get into a more healthy routine. I have to make sure this isn't something that is short-lived but something that can be replicated when true busyness hits. I'm diligent and responsible when it comes to working out (typically 5-6 days a week) but struggle with the food aspect.

Lastly, a goal of mine is to relax. I'm the type of personality that always has to be doing something so true relaxation may be hard. It's also tough because working ahead and knocking out work is relaxing to me. However, this summer I'm going to spend a week on a cottage on a lake up in Michigan to simply unwind before I start my grad school program in mid-July. In Michigan I hope to not do much work. I want to spend the majority of my time on the beach, reading, and spending time with the people I'll be with.

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