Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Already Bad at This

Good day to you! I have to apologize because I already feel as though I'm bad at this whole "blogging" thing. Oh well, this whole past week had a lot of elements of busyness so there wasn't too much of an opportunity to blog. I'll give you a quick rundown of last weekend.

Last weekend was an exciting weekend because one of my best friends, Jeff Deselm, got married to the love of his life Samantha Harper. The wedding was in Fort Wayne, Indiana and, of course, I am in Atlanta for the summer. So on Friday I got a cab ride from my school to take me back to Georgia Tech (where I'm living in Atlanta) and then to take me to the midtown train station (Marta Station). I then hopped on the train and it took me right into the airport. I easily found where I was supposed to be and sat eagerly by my gate as I awaiting to be home with friends and family.

My flight got into Chicago (Midway) at 9p.m. Fort Wayne, Indiana time. Brooke was in Chicago that day and was able to pick me up. I then enjoyed the drive home to Fort Wayne with my beautiful girlfriend as I was anxiously awaiting to be reunited with friends from home.

The next day was launched and the wedding was beautiful. Secretly, I think all of my friends and I knew that Jeff and Sam would end up together and it was great that they finally tied the knot. Congratulations to Jeff and Sam!

I then flew back to Atlanta out of Dayton (thanks again to Brooke for driving me). I got back into Atlanta really late and, without getting robbed, made it back to Georgia Tech in one piece. It was a great weekend.

The week wasn't that long due to a shortened week because of the holiday; however, it was still work as my fellow teachers and I are desperately trying to get our students ready for their standardized test.

So, again, sorry for not blogging in awhile. I promise that won't happen again.


  1. bold promise. good to see you last weekend!!

  2. I forgive your tardiness. Thanks for making it to my wedding though! Wouldn't have been the same without you!